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Maitri Dore’s peer-reviewed publication “Heritage Compensation in Changing Environments: The case of the West Link infrastructure project, Gothenburg”

Architectural rendering showing Danh Vō’s “display landscape”. Source: STA & Kanozi Archite- cts (2020, p. 21)

Our ESR Maitri Dore‘s recent publication discusses compensation as a strategy to dealing with material, historical remains that are encountered during the planning and construction of large urban development projects. It uses the case of the West Link train tunnel in Gothenburg, Sweden, which burrows through the city’s 17th century fortifications, ancient agricultural properties, and historical parks. Using the case, the paper highlights that compensation can take the form of storytelling, variously expressed by exposing archaeological finds, incorporating them into art and architecture, using digital storytelling techniques, and linking project sites to their wider regions. Compensation for loss or damage of cultural heritage is an under-researched area, but has the potential to engender more productive ways of considering and going about heritage management in moments of major transformation.

The full article can be accessed here on pages 83-118.

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