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OWHvoices Call for Videos​

OWHvoices Call for Videos

Herilanders have supported OurWorldHeritage mission of advancing the protection of natural and cultural heritage.  Our common aim is to bring forward the voices of people who care about their heritage! The opportunity below can be a great chance to support these people. 

The OWHvoices Call for Videos aims to gather citizens’ stories on natural and cultural heritage values and practices worldwide. OurWorldHeritage (OWH) organizes this call in celebration of and reflection about the 50th Anniversary of the UNESCO World Heritage Convention. Videos are due October 14th, please find more practical info here.

The videos will be screened and discussed with the makers during OWHvoices Globinar on November 14th 2022. The next day OWHvoices Symposium (November 15th 2022) will make a case for a better representation and participation of people and communities within the UNESCO World Heritage framework. The Herilanders are wholeheartedly invited to attend both OWHvoices events! Participation is free, subscribe by clicking on the links below: 

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