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Our World Heritage Information Technology working group published their final report

ESR Komal Potdar contributed to the Information Technology working group of Our World Heritage – this team was the first to publish its #2021debate policy recommendation. Komal was part of the Core Team and the Policy team and contributed to the policy document.

The digital revolution is changing the ways in which people know, understand, use, and visit heritage sites. How is the World Heritage Convention addressing this historical transformation? How can collective knowledge and big data become tools for heritage conservation and foster its integration into comprehensive planning systems? How can IT support transparency in, and access to, decision-making and management processes of the Convention? How can digital technologies, including social media, promote heritage education, awareness, and support to the cultural and creative industries? 

Within the theme of Transformational Impacts of Information Technology we aim to establish a robust network of organizations and professionals, and together put forth policy recommendations to the World Heritage Committee. Striving to not only inspire discourse but also action, we are exploring how we can use technology to monitor our World Heritage Sites and to present multiple narratives through various tools of interpretation. Be part of the conversation now and help it unfold in January 2021!


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