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Join us for the Heriland Webinar AI & THE FOUR WORLDS OF 2050 by Dr. Sennay Ghebreab on March 30, 2023 at 16:00 CET

The H2020 Marie Curie Innovative Training Network HERILAND cordially invites you to the webinar AI & THE FOUR WORLDS OF 2050 by Dr. Sennay Ghebreab on March 30, 2023

Dr Ghebreab is director of the Civic AI Lab (collaboration between University of Amsterdam and Municipality of Amsterdam). He and his research team are investigating how AI can aid in advancing inclusion and participation in society. In his talk for the Heriland Webinar, Sennay aims to link his work to our Heriland work by examining the value of appreciating the historical depth of our societies. See poster here.


Fundamental transformations are taking place in the Netherlands, in Europe, and throughout the rest of the world, culturally, socially, economically, politically and technologically. These transformations are leading to uncertainties about the societies we live. In this talk, I contend that in order to comprehend currently ongoing fundamental transformations and to direct these transformations toward desired societies, it is important to: 1) value the historical depth of our society(ies) and to appreciate this cultural heritage, 2) envision various future scenarios, 3) see the present as a “in-between” period during which major transformations are taking place, and 4) use this period as a window of opportunity to redefine and reframe – in the context of and under the influence of (AI) technology – traditional philosophical notions such as ethics, fairness, equity. 

I want to make the Webinar as interactive as possible, also inspired by the excellent and highly interactive Webinars organized by the Heriland Work Packages last year.

 Webinar programme:

20-minute lecture by Sennay Ghebreab

15-minute discussion between Sennay Ghebreab and a panel of Heriland PhD researchers

20-minute Q&A with the audience

5-minuten Concluding remarks


When: 30 March, 16:00-17:00 Central European Time.


Meeting ID: 988 1504 1296


Passcode: heriland

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