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Heriland recommends the online symposium ‘The Study of European Landscapes’

The faculty of Humanities at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam and research institute CLUE+ warmly invite you to this symposium to honour the retirement of Prof. Dr. Hans Renes.

Date: 17 June 2021
Time: 12:15-15:00 CEST
Location: online


The vast majority of landscape research has for a long time been local, regional or, at most, national. This was in line with landscape policies that also were organised within regional or national frameworks. Research approaches and methodologies have therefore primarily been developed for single-case study research and local and regional scales. As the interest in an international perspective has been growing over the recent years, new methodological considerations are needed in order to address the international contexts of landscape histories and heritage. This symposium brings together reflections and innovative research approaches to European landscapes. An international group of speakers will reflect on this question from their own expertise and ongoing research in archaeology, heritage studies, historical geography, landscape ecology and philosophy.

With contributions by:

Linde Egberts, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Jan Kolen, Leiden University
Alexandra Kruse, Eucaland Network
Pedroli, Wageningen University
Theo Spek, University of Groningen
Sam Turner, Newcastle University

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