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Event: Our World Heritage lecture by Gert-Jan Burgers

Heriland coordinator Gert-Jan Burgers will be giving a lecture for New Approaches of Our World Heritage on Thursday June 10, 15:30-17:30h CEST

Session 7: Participatory processes and heritage education as tools for access to citizenship and democratization of heritage

Historically driven by technical knowledge using criteria based on aesthetic and historical values, the field of heritage has been challenged since the 1960s to think about the place of social values. It is necessary and urgent to examine policies of participation and the authorized heritage discourse, and to consider who can select heritage and for whom it is selected.  How to think of more inclusive practices? How do we listen sensitively, with implications for public heritage policies?

One of the challenges and opportunities to build robust strategies to overcome top-down approaches and involve civil society in conservation and preservation of World Heritage Sites is the intertwining of diversity and multiple cultural influences enabled by heritage education.

This session seeks to bring together approaches, experiences and tools for including diverse social perspectives and to stimulate strategies that will include their knowledge, feelings and affections in the existing geopolitical context involved in the conservation of World Heritage. 

Moderator: Vera Regina Tangari (Brazil)


Gert-Jan Burges (Netherlands):

Title 1: Rethinking ecomuseology

Title 2: Training critical heritage planners

Hendrik Tieben (Hong Kong)

Registration will open beginning of June:

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