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Our World Heritage Globinar on Transformational Impacts of Information Technology

This Globinar from the related initiative Our World Heritage is scheduled for Saturday, January 9, 2021.

Please register at for the Zoom link, then submit this form to let the organization know which sessions you will attend:

“The digital revolution is changing the ways in which people know, understand, use, and visit heritage sites. How is the World Heritage Convention addressing this historical transformation?

Within the theme of Transformational Impacts of Information Technology we aim to establish a robust network of organizations and professionals, and together put forth policy recommendations to the World Heritage Committee. Striving to not only inspire discourse but also action, we are exploring how we can use technology to monitor our World Heritage Sites and to present multiple narratives through various tools of interpretation.”

Session 1 – Bridging the Digital Gap in Our World Heritage: Australasia Pacific

12:00 PM start in GMT+8 time zone (e.g. Beijing, Manila, Perth)

Session 2 – Technology Across Borders of Our World Heritage: Arab Region, Africa & Europe

12:00 PM start in GMT+2 time zone (e.g. Amman, Beirut, Cape Town, Helsinki)

Session 3 – A Digitally Interconnected Our World Heritage: Americas

12:00 PM start in GMT-6 time zone (e.g. Chicago, Mexico City, Winnipeg)

Closing Ceremony

5:00 PM start in GMT-8 time zone (e.g. Los Angeles, Vancouver)

For more information please see:

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See you on January 9, 2021!

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