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Heriland Living Lab Rome Public Events

The Heriland researchers and their supervisors will meet in Rome for the Living Lab at the end if this month. Even if you are not in Rome, you can still join Heriland for 2 public events:

Thursday, 25th November, 10.00-11.15 CET: lecture by prof. dr. Michael Herzfeld, on “Gentrification in Rome’s Historic Core: Social and Ethical Dimensions.”, online. This is the Living Lab key-note lecture, providing a critical lens on heritage practices and planning in Rome. When you sign up below, you will receive the Zoom-link for this event.

Friday, 26th November, 14.30-18.30 CET: ‘Rome as a Living Lab. Heriland meets Rome’. A meeting with city authorities. On campus meeting in the Ex-Mattatoio, Largo Giovanni Battista Marzi, 10, Rome. The Heriland PhD’s present their projects and discuss their plans with the Roman city authorities. This event will be live-streamed, sign up to receive more details a.s.a.p.

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