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Re-Scape Colloquia: COVID-19 and Its Effect on Mass Tourism in World Heritage Cities

COVID-19 has left the streets of our once overcrowded World Heritage Cities almost empty. What will happen when the pandemic has passed? Cities have once more become a crucial lab where to test and find innovative solutions. Learn more about this in the upcoming Re-scape on February 18 (registration is free).

This edition of the Re-Scape is initiated and hosted by Eldris Con Aguilar (Leiden Universiteit) and will feature Stijn Reijnders (Erasmus Universiteit), Karin Elgin Nijhuis (Consultant Elgin & Co and organizer Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality International Conference) and Valerie Higgins (American University in Rome).


11.00 Dr. Eldris Con Aguilar:  Welcome and Introduction 

11.10 Prof. Dr. Stijn Reijnders (Erasmus University Rotterdam):  “Imaginative heritage: media, tourism and cultural sustainability”

11: 30 MA Karin Elgin Nijhuis (Consultant Elgin & Co, Heritage, Tourism and Hospitality): “From #RestartTourism to #BuildBackBetter. Trends in thinking about post-COVID tourism”

11.50 Prof. Dr. Valerie Higgins (American University in Rome) (title will be published soon)

12.15 Q&A session

12.30 end

Registration through sending an email to Rients de Boer:

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