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Workshop on Heritage, Shifting Demographies and Contested Identities

Information about the Workshop 3:
Shifting Demographies and Contested Identities

People are on the move in almost all parts of the world on a possibly unprecedented scale, whether in refugee crises or through long-term urbanization processes. The social, cultural and economic transformations that go with such migrations are no less far reaching than the spatial ones. Think of the emergence of urban multicultural melting pots or, on the other hand, of rural depression (and in some places, of post-industrial urban abandonment). The making or preservation of heritage is intimately linked to these transformations, as it is about creating, safeguarding or contesting identities and communities, whether urban or rural. This workshop discusses and compares the Heriland outcomes with best practices and success factors from the heritage field.

Heriland ESRs of the Work Package on Shifting Demographies and Contested Identities

Work Package Leader

Workshop Structure

Round 1:  Presentation of the Transition Scenario: 

  • 1) Theoretical Framework: A presentation given by Farnaz Faraji and Mike Turner on the Minority-Majority communities living in the multinational and conflict region (10-15 mins);
  • 2) Heritage and Planning Policies: Historic Urban Landscape Approach in conflict areas with a focus on Adaptive Reuse as a design strategy (10-15 mins);
  • 3) Methods of Spatial Analysis (QGIS): Using Spatial analysis tools and methods to look at the urban morphology of the city to answer the main questions (10-15 mins);
  • 4) Methods of Spatial analysis Looking at the Street Network and connectivity (Space Syntax): Using Space Syntax the before and after the buffer zone implementation, an eye view of streetscapes and commercial axes (Bazaars) as spaces of contact (10-15 mins); 

Round 2: 

Making four or more groups of participants, each of them addressing one of the steps mentioned above (60 mins).

Round 3: 

All the groups’ work will be gathered to connect the steps to present an integrated strategy design for Nicosia’s Buffer zone area (20 mins). 

Round 4: 

Discussion and Feedback on each group work; Summary and core questions to address during the workshop by Mike Turner (15 mins).