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Sophia Arbara

Sophia Arbara is a Phd Candidate at the Department of Architecture, Università degli studi Roma Tre. She holds a Masters in Architectural Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens and a Masters in Urban Design from the University of California, Berkeley. Her Urban Design Thesis investigated the spatial implications of forced human displacement aiming to reconceptualize the discursive categories that govern borders, define the territories of exclusion and affect the mobilities of the displaced. In the professional practice, she has worked in award winning Architecture and Urban Design Studios in Madrid and Rotterdam, engaging with multi-scalar projects including the future of urban mobility, strategic urban design, infrastructural resilience and data-driven spatial analysis. Within the academic realm, she has worked as a Teaching Assistant at UC Berkeley’s College of Environmental Design and formerly as a research fellow in the “Urban Laboratory” at the University of Florianopolis, Brazil. Her current research focuses on urban transformations and shifting demographics of two post-industrial neighborhoods (Testaccio and Ostiense) in Rome.

Research topic: Urban regeneration and cultural identity

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