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Marta Ducci

Marta Ducci, originally from Italy, graduated in 2016 in architecture at Ferrara University. Her thesis in urban planning addressed issues of urban regeneration in the peri-urban edge, with green infrastructures and sustainable mobility. After that – while working – she attended a postgraduate master in urban and territorial planning, obtained in 2018, addressing issues related to risks protection, to local and sustainable development, to the enhancement of the cultural and natural heritage, working toward slow mobility and sustainable tourism. 

Now she is PhD Candidate at Vrije Universiteit in Amsterdam within HERILAND. Her research focuses on the integration of changing environments in planning practice with the enhancement of heritage values, at the regional and local levels, using geo-spatial analysis methods and participatory models. 

Research topic: Sustainable development, integration of changing environments aspects in planning practice and enhancement of heritage widespread values 

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