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Kalliopi Fouseki

Kalliopi Fouseki

Dr Kalliopi Fouseki is a Professor in Sustainable Heritage Management, a Research Director (Institute for Sustainable Heritage) and a Chair of Exam Board (BSEER) at UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage. 

The Bartlett, UCL Faculty of the Built Environment 


0044(0)20 3108 9038

University College London | Central House | 14 Upper Woburn
Place | London | WC1H 0NN

Recent project: Curating Sustainable Urban Transformations
through Heritage (CURBATHERI) _Deep Cities (Funded through JPI Cultural


Recent publication: Fouseki, K., Guttormsen, T.S. and
Swensen, G. eds., 2020. Heritage and Sustainable Urban Transformations: Deep
Cities. London: Routledge


Title:  Curating urban transformation through heritage and ‘creative participation’ 



Cities are in constant flux, and so is heritage. Cities are also complex, dynamic systems. Heritage (tangible or intangible) constitutes only one of the multiple dimensions of the systemic interconnections that occur between social, cultural, environmental, economic, political and other factors that are mobilized in urban contexts. This keynote talk will examine the potential role of heritage in curating and shaping future urban transformations. Given that many urban transformation projects lead to intended or unintended social consequences, especially for marginalized communities, it is imperative to critically examine how heritage can contribute to cities underpinned by equality and social justice. By using the focal case study of Woolwich in London which is part of the European Deep Cities project, the talk will stress that the inclusive role of heritage in urban transformation schemes can be fostered through ‘creative participation’ that is participation and involvement of people who have a stake in cities futures through creative practices.