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Specific objectives

  1. to conceive and operationalise a transferable research design with which to investigate at a multi-national level how heritage should be managed and planned in the context of contemporary spatial and societal transformations and related sustainable development goals;
  2. to develop a skill set with innovative analytical concepts, methods and tools, implementing and evaluating them in practice;
  3. to provide researchers and practitioners of spatial heritage planning with an innovative and diverse set of concepts, techniques and skills for promoting and supporting co-creative approaches;
  4. to establish a new European PhD-training standard in the transdisciplinary area of heritage and spatial planning,
  5. to offer ‘on the job’ training of scientific and complementary professional skills, expose the students to multiple audiences (also in dissemination) and raise students’ future job opportunities;
  6. to guarantee sustainability of the HERILAND College as a European-wide platform for collaborative research and training.