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ESR fellowships

  1. Heritage-as-landscape and its Socio-Political drivers. VUA (NL)
  2. Heritage in Economic Growth and Social Renewal, at UGOT (SW)
  3. Making trans-sectoral connections in governance, regulation and legislative frameworks, at UNEW (UK)
  4. Innovative governance systems for future heritage planning, at VUA (NL)
  5. Inclusive Heritage Management Processes, at TUD (NL)
  6. Urban Heritage and Mass Tourism, at UNIROMA3 (IT)
  7. Citizen Science Methods for Collaborative Mapping of Heritage Values, at VUA (NL)
  8. Gamification Methods for Collaborative Heritage Planning, at GRIDW (PL)
  9. Datascape Methods for Heritage Planning Professionals, at BEZAL (IL)
  10. Adaptation of Urban Heritage in Multicultural Society, at BEZAL (IL)
  11. Urban regeneration and Cultural Identity, at UNIROMA3 (IT)
  12. Heritage zoning and Population Decline and Growth, at TUD, NL
  13. Heritage development in large scale infrastructural project – a collaborative and trans-disciplinary approach, at UGOT (SW)
  14. Disappearing landscapes of Carpathians – towards participatory/collaborative model of conservation of cultural landscape, at GRIDW (PL)
  15. Heritage as lever of economic growth and social renewal in post-industrial landscapes, at UNEW (UK)