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Digital Transformations (WP3. VUA leads)

The global success of the digital ‘Connected World’ is accompanied by all-encompassing societal changes, from new forms of communication, collaboration and information exchange to new business and governance models and control mechanisms. Its impact on access to, perceptions of and meanings and values attributed to heritage, is potentially far reaching. Heritage planning may greatly profit from it, but the potentials and risks of the Digital Turn are still poorly studied. Digital methods and tools may greatly facilitate communication and information exchange between all stakeholders involved in spatial transformation processes and they may contribute to public participation in decision making, but they can also be manipulated by particular communities and can lead to a greater divide between state and citizens and, eventually, to increased state control. Developing and testing digital applications like perspective mapping, digital biographies, collaborative design work spaces and serious gaming, this WP sets out a training model that enables heritage planners to develop the opportunities of the Connected World in a sustainable way.

PhD projects:

7. Citizen Science and big data for collaborative, heritage- based planning of city development. Host: UNEW (UK) (CLOSED)

8. Gamification methods for collaborative heritage planning. Host: VUA (NL) (CLOSED)

9. Datascape methods for heritage planning professionals. Host: BEZAL (IL) (CLOSED)