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Maria Valese

Maria Valese is PhD Candidate at the Chair of Heritage and Values in the Department of AE+T in the Faculty of Architecture and Built Environments and 3D Geoinformation group at TU Delft. She studied Sciences of Architecture at the Politecnico di Torino and gained her MA in Architecture UE at La Sapienza – Università di Roma with a thesis on environmental, energetic and architectural renovation of an Italian historical village sited in the Unesco Cilento Geopark, focusing on the use of Gis tool in planning. She has worked as Gis consultant and took part in several international and multidisciplinary projects focused on mapping urban phenomena and socio-cultural investigation. Her doctoral research investigates the use of geomatics tools and methods to analyse the relation between conservation areas and the development trends of connected human settlements, focusing on innovative Earth Observatory technologies and automatic modelling tools.

Research topic: Human settlements patterns; automatic modelling of spatial relations; spatial rules; urban dynamics; heritage. 

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