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Jaap Boter

Jaap Boter (supervisor at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam) studied Musicology (MA) at Utrecht University. Having worked for a number of years as a consultant and lecturer of Arts Marketing at Utrecht University, he switched to the Marketing Department of the VU University Amsterdam in 2001 as assistant professor, to complete his PhD research into analyzing transaction data of cultural organizations, such as theater box office data, museum visiting behavior of Dutch Museum Card holders, and borrowing data of public library patrons.

While GIS originally was simply included to map the customers in the data, his enthusiasm for the potential of GIS techniques grew rapidly and became an important foundation of his research. He set up a course on GeoMarketing for the MSc in Marketing program and is one of the founding partners of the Geomarketing Knowledge Center, in which the departments of Marketing, Logistics, and Spatial Economics join several partners from industry to carry out research on the interface of customer service, distribution & warehousing, and spatial/geographical data. Next to his current work within the Marketing Department of the VU University Amsterdam, Jaap Boter also holds the Royal Booksellers Association chair on book trade at the University of Amsterdam; a field in which, again, his interest in culture, business economics, retail and logistics, and location, all come together.

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