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Preparing our first living lab

Invited at a meeting in Rome with Romatre, UCL and Gothenburg, we started to prepare the HERILAND living lab in the Roman neighourhood of Ostience!

Ostiense is the 10th quartiere of Rome, identified by the initials Q. X.  It is located close to the left bank of the Tiber, and comprises the area near the Via Ostiense from the Porta San Paolo to the Magliana Viaduct.

A little history…

In the late 9th century, a fortified settlement developed around the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls: the village took the name of Giovannipoli after Pope John VIII, who built it for defense purposes after a Saracen raid. Ostiense is amongst the first 15 quartieri that sprung in 1911 and were officially established in 1921. It began to sprawl in 1907, after the mayor Ernesto Nathan promoted the creation of an industrial area[7] at the beginning of the Via Ostiense; then, after the 1909 town plan was approved, a fluvial harbour, the Mercati Generali, a prominent gasometer and the Centrale Montemartini (a former power station now housing part of the Capitoline Museum’s collection of classical sculpture) were built. The landmarks in the quarter include the Centrale Montemartini and the Basilica of Saint Paul Outside the Walls.[8] Other landmarks include the Roma Ostiense railway station and most of the University of Rome III campus. The railway station is home to the Italian railway company Nuovo Trasporto Viaggiatori. It is the city’s main hub and home to Italian food market chain Eataly, world’s biggest store.

Source: wikipedia

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